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HSD Exports has established in 2006. It is located in Moradabad Uttar Pradesh India. The company is working with high volume buying companies. The mission of HSD Exports is to serve the best services and on the time deliveries.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is the serve our clients and employees in the best possible manner by providing premium qualitative products and service “JUST IN TIME”, through training, system & Forums.

Our Vision is not to be known as one of the leading export firm around the globe but is to be known as one of the leading Export firm famous for its qualitative products delivered “JUST IN TIME”



Infrastructure & Production Capacity

Factory land Area :The premises of 30000 sq. ft. having covered area of 25000 sq. ft. with distinct warehouse, packing, polishing, finishing, and parking area.

Manpower : 30 Employees , 150 Contract labour

Mechanized Production Process : Power press, Hand press, Turning Lathe Machine, Polish, Welding,Phosphating, Platting, Powder Coating,



  • sub-total $300.00
  • Eco Tax (-2.00) $10.00
  • VAT (20%) $60.00
  • total $370.00